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Purchase and Install a Trion Humidifier from N&N Supply Company and be entered to win a Throwback NFL Harold Carmichael Jersey!

Colder weather is near and humidifiers are a key component to any HVAC system. This promotions runs from October 7th to December 1st, and the most installed units will win the Jersey.

Low humidity in the home has noticeable effects:

Benefits of Humidification

  • Proper humidification reduces discomfort, tiredness, sickness.
  • Proper humidification reduces susceptibility to colds, chapped lips, dry, red eyes and dry, itchy skin and possible nose bleeds.
  • Proper humidification reduces damage to wooden objects. Wood in the house would shrink as it dries out. Things like wood molding, wood floors, wood furniture, etc. would be affected.
  • Proper humidification reduces levels of dust.
  • Proper humidification reduces static electricity charge.

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Utica CuB Series Gas-Fired Wall Hung Boilers

Introducing Utica brand CuB Series Gas-Fired Wall Hung Modulating  Water Boiler. Available in both Space Heating Only or Combi Water Heater. 

Features Include:


• 85% AFUE Efficiency 
• Inducer fan and gas valve modulate for operation between 33% and 100% of • capacity for fuel economy 
• Venting options Chimney or Horizontal 
• Advanced Controls - Digital Display with temperature indication, • diagnostics and status symbols showing: Heating mode, Burner on and • Burner modulation level
• 10 year limited Copper Heat Exchanger Warranty
• 2 year limited parts Warranty


CHB-100 Space Heating-Only

CHB-130 Space Heating-Only

CCB-150 Combination (Combi) Heating and Domestic Hot Water

Now Stocking - New Fieldpiece Products

Featured New HVAC Tools


The SOX3 Combustion Check is a great tool to easily tune furnaces when a full combustion analysis isn't necessary. Designed specifically for HVACR pros, the SOX3 provides all the essential measurements needed to tune most combustion equipment. It directly measures %O2 and flue temperature, and calculates %CO2, %Excess Air, and combustion efficiency.


Compact Clamp Meters

  • SC220 Digital VOA Meter Cap Tester
  • SC260 Ditgial VOA True RMS Tester
  • SC420 Digital Dual/Multi Volt & Amp Tester


Fieldpiece New SC Clamp Meter Line

SDMN6 - Dual Port Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester • Literature

SDMN6 - Dual Port Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester

• Literature


ACM4 - Carbon Monoxide Detector Head

ACM4 - Carbon Monoxide Detector Head

SCM4 - Carbon Monoxide (Stand Alone) Detector 

SCM4 - Carbon Monoxide (Stand Alone) Detector 

• The ACM4 is a carbon monoxide detector (CO detector) accessory head for use with Fieldpiece modular instruments. It has a fast reacting electrochemical sesor specific designed to detect carbon Monoxide (CO).

• The SCM4 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector has a very fast reaction time, and measures CO in parts per million (ppm). Its electrochemical sensor is fast enough for walk-around tests. 


SVG3 - Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge • Literature

SVG3 - Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge

• Literature

Fieldpiece SVG3 Micron Gauge