Liberty 405 Commercial 1/2HP 3/8 Soilds HIgh-Head Drain Pump




  Click on Image for Additional Specifications

Click on Image for Additional Specifications

• Laundry Trays
• Dehumidifiers
• Commercial Sinks
• Wherever gray
• Bar Sinks wastewater drainage
• Dishwashers is needed below gravity lines.


• Factory pre-assembled. 
• Fully automatic operation. 
• QuickTree® technology allows quick inspection and removal of float switch without disconnecting the plumbing. 
• Iil-filled motor with thermal-overload protection. 
• Corrosion-resistant polyolefin basin with integrally molded rubber gasket for a superior gas-tight seal. 
• Maintenance-free, permanently lubricated sealed bearings. 
• 10' power cord with ground plug
• 3/8" Solids-Handling
• 1/2 hp
Up to 180 Degrees MAX. (10gpm at 180 23ft Head)  (10gpm at 77 30ft Head)


  molded rubber - QuickTree technology allows for easy removal of float without disconnecting plumbing or pulling the pump

molded rubber - QuickTree technology allows for easy removal of float without disconnecting plumbing or pulling the pump

  • Weight: 16 LBS. Major Height: 14-1/8" Major Width: 13-3/4"
  • Inlet Height (from bottom of basin): 12-5/8"
  • Total Capacity: 5.5 Gallons Inlet Size: 2"
  • Discharge Size: 2" Vent Size: 2"


405           1/2        115        607.3

Maximum fluid temperature 180 degrees F.    3450 RPM. Oil filled, Thermally Protected



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